Featured Articles of the Month

Not All is Fair in Love and Medicine

Healthcare workers are viewed as heroes.

But what happens if you lose a patient?

What happens if it's your fault?

Who’s Who in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Drug prices, law suits, and billion-dollar deals.

Understand the complex system behind each tablet.


What's New on The Healthcare Scholar

Imagine a World Where Mental Health is a Priority

Here’s what you can do to identify depression before it is too late.

Comic #1: A Somnolent Proposal

There has never been a healthcare student that complains of getting too much sleep. Where do you draw the line between health and education?

Interview: Raising a Family or Raising Your GPA?

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Here’s to all of the hardworking parents going through school.

70% of Physicians Are Men, 93% of Nurses Are Women

A brief look at the prejudices and disparities in an gender-unbalanced industry.

Knowing Your Limits in Knowledge-based World

Healthcare is a hierarchy where competency is shown favor, but only folly comes to those who try to take on everything by themselves.

Tackling Obesity With the Experts of Diet

Every chronic disease has its treatment options and experts. Telling your patients to diet and exercise may not be enough.


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